Regenerating Human Energy

SORCE is a data-driven...
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Data Driven, Human Centered

Unlock your team's best performance
  • Biofeedback-driven coaching to increase performance and prevent burnout
  • Personalized insight empowers employees to leverage their daily energetic level
  • Quantitative measurements to improve workforce readiness and reduce attrition
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Burnout Costs You $11K Per Employee Every Year

Mis-managed workplace stress doesn’t just hurt your culture, it hurts the bottom line… $300 BILLION a year for employers to be exact (Forbes). With 73% of the global workforce having reported experiencing burnout, the time is NOW to get focused on reviving and renewing your people.

The Science of Human Energy

SORCE acts like an intuitive and compassionate mirror that gives individuals, teams and departments an unparalleled real-time pulse check followed by regenerative actions that unlock potential and prevent burnout.

We do this by leveraging the power of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and simple psychometrics in order to measure, track and treat the nervous system of your organization at scale.

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3 Quick Steps, Big Daily Value
  1. take your HRV score using the SORCE app
  2. Based on your HRV, receive audio content that caters to your energetic needs
  3. Get a daily read of your energy and that of your team and organization through real-time dashboards

Eearly Adopters

These organizations get it.
My experience with SORCE has been enlightening, thought provoking, and habit forming.
Patrick Mercer, Assistant Vice President, Wellness Director Frost Bank< /div>
Patrick Mercer

"We founded SORCE to fight burnout because we encountered it in our own lives. As your teams return to work during the COVID-19 global pandemic, they need support whether they are in the office, working remotely, or a mix of the two.

SORCE is with your employees every day, empowering them to tap into a healthy energy level and giving you the chance to support them with great advice and actionable insight."

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